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Bugs want in your home! So, the more you know about pests, the more you can help keep them out. We have your answers. Our trained and experienced experts have created an easy to follow plan to help keep the pests OUT!

    Identify common household pests

    Topics covered are habits, harborages and descriptions of these pests. You will also find information on how to rid and keep pests out of your home, from exclusion to products that we can apply to control them from getting in your home and to rid your home of those unwanted guests.  With our Pest library, you can identify these pests, we have over 30 different household pests listed.

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    Make science education more exciting. Visit Pest World for kids, for FREE lesson plans! Kids & teachers help everyone explore the amazing world of insects, with Pest Detective, Games and Coloring, plus more materials for fun and learning.


    Weird Pest Facts

    During WWII, approximately 4 million people in London were having bed bug problems.

    To put that into perspective, imagine everyone in Houston, Denver and Miami having bed bugs.


    The "Black Plague" can still be found in some parts of the United States, especially the Grand Canyon area.

    Fleas can transmit the bacterium Yersinia pestis which causes the plague.  Mortality is high (50-90%) if left untreated.  Approximately 10-15 cases are reported each year in the U.S.


    Despite its name, the German Cockroach actually originated in North Africa.

    This despicable pest invades our homes, restaurants, apartment complexes and warehouses. This pest contaminates our food supplies while also causing other health problems in humans.

    Spiders belong to the class Arachnida.

    The name originated from a character in Greek mythology called Arachne who challenged the goddess Athena to a weaving contest.


    There are over 120,000 known species of moths.

    One of the most destructive is the Indian meal moth which contaminates food storage such as grain, flour, rice, etc.

    Speaking of the Indian meal moth, the male can pick up the scent of a female Indian meal moth from more than three miles away!

    Despite, or because of, man's invasion into the insect's world, over 7,000 species of insect's are discovered each year!

    There are over a million species of insects known to man. 


    The deer mouse is the most abundant mammal in North America.

    They can be found as far north as central Alaska and as far south as Texas.


    Carpenter ants
    cause damage to structures.

    They excavate the wood in your home to build galleries where they build their nests.


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